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Zone Control System Service in Clifton, NJ

And all of Morris County!

Have you dreamt for years of being able to control the temperature in every room of your home separately and simultaneously? In your waking hours, did you also think this was impossible?

If it seems implausible that you can regulate the temperature of one area in your home while other rooms have a different temperature, you have likely never heard of zone control systems.

Our zone control system service makes taking control of the heating and cooling in each individual room a reality.

No more back-and-forth to adjust the thermostat throughout the day. No more striking as comfortable a balance with one control to average the temperature in your entire home.

Learn more below about this miracle HVAC system and how it can be the answer to your dreams.

zone control system diagram

What is a zone control system?

A zone control system offers a way to orchestrate your home’s network of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment to directly manage the heating and cooling levels in different areas of your home at the same time.

No longer are overly hot or cold rooms a problem. This system functions similarly to the dual-zone climate controls you might have in your car, where each occupant has control over their own zone.

This room-by-room functionality also helps you independently lower the temperature of the rooms you utilize less frequently to save on energy costs.

Tiger HVAC experts will set up your zoning by using thermostat(s), a central control panel, and zone dampers in your ductwork.

We can also pair your new zoning system with a new smart thermostat, should you need one. These highly programmable units offer even more precision for your indoor comfort requirements.

woman using thermostat for zone control

How do zone control systems work?

We configure the thermostat(s) and control panel to communicate with the dampers in your ductwork so that they open and close at predetermined times and locations.

This allows precision control over the distribution of heated or cooled air in any room or space throughout your home.

At its heart, it is a straightforward system. You won’t hear noisy motors because the whisper-quiet dampers are the only moving parts.

What designates a zone?

A zone can be wherever you and your Tiger HVCAC professional decide.

You can designate one room, multiple rooms, or an entire level of your home as a zone.

It is 100% up to your comfort needs, energy management desires, and budget.

cross-section of a home showing different possible zones

Do you need a zone control system?

If your home has one or more of the following conditions, a zone control system would most likely be a benefit to you:

  • Cathedral or extra-high ceilings
  • Large open spaces
  • Multiple levels or stories
  • Large showcase windows
  • Generous square footage with frequently unused areas
  • Attic, basement, or garage finished rooms
  • A concrete foundation

Benefits of zone control systems

The main reason for incorporating zones into your HVAC system is to provide highly customized comfort. Everyone has total control over their room’s temperature without dictating the heating or cooling levels for other occupants.

You can also use zoned temperature controls to lower temperatures in rarely used or unoccupied spaces. Such zones will consume less energy, and using less energy reduces utility bills.

woman looking at energy meter after home zone control installation service

Zone control installation services

Hiring a Tiger HVAC technician is your best option to ensure everything is wired, attached, and configured correctly.

We will need to access a complex network of dampers inside your ductwork. These dampers open and close as needed to either let more air in or block more air out. These ducts connect to an electrical control that we must wire carefully. This lengthy process requires our specialist to cut into your ducts and reseal them once the job is done.

We can then install multiple thermostats—we recommend smart thermostats—to your room-control specifications.

With the entire system connected, we then thoroughly test the system at all performance points to make sure all is functioning correctly.

We execute these installations across Clifton and the surrounding areas, and we never leave a job until we are confident that the customer is delighted.

opened ductless ac for zone control system repair

Zone control repair services

Call our experts if you detect a problem with your zone control system.

Our repair specialists receive continual training to stay abreast of the newest HVAC products and service techniques.

We can quickly identify and solve the issue with any zoning performance failure and always offer free, no-obligation estimates before work begins.

Zone control maintenance services

To enjoy your zone control system for years to come and even extend its lifetime, you should schedule regular maintenance calls with us. We ensure that all equipment in the zoning system is clean, secure, and functioning optimally.

Because this control relies on the home’s entire HVAC system, it is wise to have us maintain your furnace, heat pump, and air conditioning equipment as well.

Preventive care is the best route to avoid higher energy costs, anxious emergencies, and costly repairs that maintenance could have avoided.

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Enjoy the optimum comfort that zone control offers you and your family. Whether you need new zoning or repairs on a system that you had installed earlier, we can handle everything you need.

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