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Do you need sump pump service in Clifton, NJ?

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In New Jersey, spring and summer can be wet and rainy. If your basement or crawlspace is prone to flooding, the season can be unpleasant and inflict significant damage to your home and property. You can solve most house flooding problems by using a sump pump to move water away from these interior locations.

These devices pump water into the proper drain and out to the main sewer system. They work by creating suction around the outer base of the tank. As water enters the tank bottom, a float moves upward and flips a switch, activating a motor. That motor then expels the collected water from the tank, sending it away from the home through underground pipes.

A sump pump is a relatively low-cost technique to prevent flooding in your property. Most have a lifespan of 10–15 years.

At Tiger HVAC, we provide all types of sump pump services in Clifton, including installations, repairs, and maintenance.

There are two primary types of pumps:

blue submersible sump pump

Submersible sump pumps

We can install submersible pumps either inside or outside your home. When inside the residence, they are either in the basement or crawlspace, depending on the location of the flooding. Regardless of location, all submersible sump pumps are installed below the ground, allowing them to occupy minimal space.

The pump is underground, so that muffles some of the sounds. Water keeps the motor cool and also absorbs some noise.

Submersible pumps are quite powerful. They can remove water and smaller debris from your basement or crawlspace rapidly. While more expensive than pedestal pumps, they are always worth the investment.

However, their underground and underwater environments are more difficult to repair. And because they run so quietly, you might not realize that the pump has stopped.

A submersible pump is still nearly always the best solution. It removes water quickly and quietly, working hard to prevent water damage. A pedestal pump will not remove water as rapidly.

pedestal sump pump

Pedestal sump pumps

Pedestal sump pumps sit on the floor. Before submersibles entered the market, pedestal pumps were the norm. These pumps are now much less frequently installed, but manufacturers continue to develop them. However, the available models are restricted in comparison to submersible pumps.

Because they are above ground, pedestal sump pumps are easy to install and maintain. They are also a more affordable pump option and last longer than a submersible sump pump due to less wear and tear.

The most significant disadvantage of a pedestal sump pump is its lack of power. Because pedestal pumps do not work as hard as submersible sump pumps, it takes longer for them to divert water out of your home, which increases the danger of real-time water damage. A pedestal pump may not be able to keep up during intense storms.

Another downside is space requirements. Because pedestal pumps are not hidden underground like submersible pumps, they take up more room. This also increases the danger of injury if someone trips over it or a child tries to play with it.

Last, the motor in these units runs hotter because they aren’t surrounded by water for natural and constant cooling.

an installed battery backup sump pump

Consider the benefits of a battery backup sump pump

If you already have your sump pump installed, you might still want to consider having us install a battery backup. Battery power keeps your pump working even during a power outage when the standard pumps won’t work. A backup can provide hours of use during these situations, preventing your basement from flooding when the main pump can’t.

With submersible pumps, we install the backup inside the pit slightly above the primary unit. This placement ensures that the battery-powered pump won’t turn on unless the primary pump fails to run.

A marine-grade boat or car battery typically drives the pump. It remains constantly charged by attachment to the home’s alternating current. When the A/C stops, the battery protects you for up to 12 hours. This depends on how frequently the pump needs to run to remove water.

An exciting feature of some backups is that they will monitor battery status, run tests independently, and notify homeowners at the first sign of trouble. Many also have devices that emit a loud alarm when the backup sump pump starts. That signals the homeowner to contact us to treat the issue immediately and helps minimize potential water damage.

Having your Tiger HVAC tech help you select a backup with the appropriate capacity for your home is critical. The more your property requires frequent pumping, for instance, the pump’s battery capacity comes into play. Proper sizing will also determine how long your pump can function without an additional power source.

completed sump pump installation

Sump pump installation services

Whether you want to replace an old system or install one of the newest models to prevent basement flooding during a storm, we can help. We offer you a wide range of products from the leading sump pump companies.

Our seasoned HVAC team will work closely with you to ensure you have the optimal equipment for your specific needs and budget. We will install your pump carefully so you can have the best chance of eliminating the damage and cost of a flooded basement or crawl space.

a required sump pump repair showing grime and sludge

Sump pump repair services

When your sump pump fails is when it’s working at all – especially during a downpour or an intense spring thaw. Many things can go wrong that can affect how well yours works, some mechanical and some physical.

The problem could lead to mold growth and even structural damage if left unattended. Plus, many other issues are associated with having a faulty sump pump, including possible flooding, sewage backup, and electrical short circuits.

Call Tiger HVAC immediately if you suspect your sump pump needs repair. We will examine the situation, determine what repairs we need to make, and ensure everything is working correctly before leaving.

What are some of the signs that a sump pump is at risk of failure?

Common events that indicate you probably need sump pump repair include:

  • Water levels have risen
  • Water levels have dropped
  • It loses power
  • It blows a fuse
  •  It is vibrating from a loose part
  • It constantly runs, other than during heavy rain and snow melt
  • It is rarely, if ever, used

Avoid expensive emergency repair calls by checking the above points and giving us a call if any apply to you.

Sump pump maintenance services

You can also avoid costly and stressful repair calls by scheduling an annual preventive maintenance call with us.

Our maintenance services for sump pumps include:

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Look no further if you are looking for a reliable company to install, service, or maintain your sump pumps. Tiger HVAC provides quality services at affordable prices.

Our highly trained professionals will ensure that your sump pump system operates efficiently and effectively. And our technicians are fully insured, and we guarantee our workmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, no. Realistically, yes. Wouldn't you want a highly trained professional working on such critical equipment? The financial and emotional risks are too significant to challenge your handyman skills on this project.

Not at all. Many if not most homes have these pumps for prevention. It doesn't mean your home has ever flooded. Having a sump pump system in place increases home value because it allows you to be ready in a weather crisis and new homeowners to have immediate safety without making any service calls after move-in day.

Water might rise quickly because pump operation requires electricity. This is the #1 reason to have us install a battery backup before you desperately need one.

You can also buy a portable generator that is specifically designed for outdoor use. But your best plan is to have us install that backup pump today.