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Package unit air conditioner service in Clifton, NJ

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A package unit is an HVAC system with a single primary unit that houses all of the heating and cooling components, as opposed to a split system, which usually has both an interior and an exterior unit. The single-box cabinet houses an air handler, a compressor, and coils.

Some of these units also include heat strip elements, which might be helpful if you reside in an area where cooling is the primary requirement and heating is secondary.

You will often find these systems on a building’s rooftop or the ground next to it.

We frequently install packaged units in homes that do not have crawlspaces or basements. However, with the proper ductwork, they can be a good alternative for any home.

They are available in two footprint sizes: small and large. The BTU/tonnage and installation requirements for a business or residence determine the required footprint. Smaller footprint package units are typically easier to install, whereas bigger package units offer greater installation flexibility. We can only install small-footprint packaged systems on a slab. On large packaged systems, we can install them on either a slab or rooftop.

Two types of units are available.

Some feature an electric air conditioner and a gas-powered furnace (natural gas or liquid propane) coupled into one system, so you can be prepared for varying weather conditions throughout the year and can use the best energy choice for your situation. Packaged gas/electric units can offer an AFUE performance range of between 80% and 90%.

You can also buy dual-fuel systems that heat and cool using an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. A duel-fuel system is ideal if you live in a climate with high heating demands. When properly configured, this system can detect whether it is cheaper to heat your home with electricity or gas and select its energy source appropriately.

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Package unit ac pros

People prefer packaged unit systems for a variety of reasons, but a few stand out:

Saves space – As we mentioned above, any building that has limited space could use the convenience of a system with a lesser overall footprint than a typical spit-system installation.

Promotes energy efficiently – Because of a streamlined construction, these units can function at high SEER ratings, making them appealing both environmentally and financially.

Reduces indoor noise – Because all air processing takes place outside the home, they are an excellent choice for individuals who want to keep it as quiet as possible inside.

Reduces costs – Because the components are all together, installing a packaged system is usually less expensive than installing a regular system. Installation is also less labor-intensive, so getting everything up and running takes less time.

Maintains easily – All major components of the system are easily accessible to your Tiger HVAC maintenance specialist.

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Package unit ac cons

As with any HVAC system with many great features, package units also have some disadvantages.

Damage vulnerability – Because every control, electrical cable, and coil is outdoors, packaged systems must endure harsher conditions than indoor air handlers. While they are surrounded by protection, they are still confronted with downpours, snowfalls, and even hail storms that can dislodge or damage components. If we install yours on the ground, it is also subjected to leaves, debris, and standing water.

With a roof installation, the unit is still vulnerable to branches, leaves, and weather conditions. It is also, well, high up on a roof.

In either location, animals might enjoy the warmth of your packaged HVAC system at night or all day long during winter. Chewing or pecking by one creature or another can also inflict damage.

Location challenges – Not only are roof installations by definition high up, they can be tricky. On the pitched roofs of residential homes, particularly. If the roof is not too pitched, we create a level platform for the unit to sit upon. The general challenges of it all are why you tend to see package units on business rooftops more often than on home roofs.

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Package unit air conditioner installation

While package air conditioners arrive fully assembled, you should still trust your package AC unit installation to your Tiger HVAC professionals.

If this is a replacement call, the first thing our expert will do is remove the old unit. We will turn off the power supply and disconnect any attached wires. We will then twist off the mounting screws and detach the unit. If you would like, we will gladly haul it away at job’s end.

If this is a new install, leave it to our experts to determine the best location for your system, be it on the ground or on the roof. Once we have a firm foundation on which to place the unit, we will secure it and attach all wiring.

Finally, we will test the operation of the compressor and your thermostat.

We guarantee our service excellence and technical support, as well as your total satisfaction.

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Package unit air conditioner repair

Any HVAC system will require repairs from time to time. Packaged units are no different, even though they are less sophisticated than typical HVAC systems, since a single cabinet houses everything.

Despite these systems being so compact, things can go wrong with any of the components involved in its operation, from the return and supply ducting to the fan or compressor.

Do you see or hear a problem or have cause to sense something is going wrong, such as low airflow or non-optimum temperature production? To ensure that we can resolve issues before any damage grows worse, schedule repairs with our technicians as soon as you can.

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Package unit air conditioner maintenance

We recommend that you call us for a maintenance visit annually. Not only will it ensure that your unit functions at peak capacity, it will also extend its operational lifetime.

During our maintenance visit, your Tiger HVAC tech will:

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