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Tiger HVAC offers additional heating services in Clifton, NJ

And all of Morris County!

While we feature our services for furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and central heating systems, we also offer a variety of other heating services, including:

baseboard heating installation in clifton nj

Baseboard heating repair, installation, and maintenance

Many older homes have baseboard heaters powered by electricity. These units use electrical resistance coils to transfer heat into the room. They work great, but there are some drawbacks. For example, many people find it difficult to control the temperature throughout the house because the heat gets distributed evenly across the floor. In addition, these units are very noisy and inefficient.

The more popular choice today uses hot water pipes to transfer heat into the space. A pump circulates the hot water through a network of small tubes embedded into the walls and floors. Because the heat is transferred directly into the room, it stays where the homeowner wants it and doesn’t spread around like traditional electric baseboards. And the heat is much quieter and more efficient.

Tiger HVAC techs can service both types of baseboard heaters.

It’s not uncommon for an electric baseboard heater to produce a slight smell when first turned on. The smell will go away after a few minutes. If the smell persists, try cleaning the air vents in the basement or attic.

an image showing the work of a radiant heating installer

Radiant heating repair, installation, and maintenance

A radiant heating system transfers warmth by radiation from one object to another. While forced-air heating systems warm a room quickly, radiant heating systems gradually increase room temperature.

Whole-house radiant heating systems frequently include various heating zones, which allows homeowners to choose which rooms receive the most heat. This helps you reduce your heating expenses by only heating the rooms you occupy regularly.

We often recommend this heating system in homes where family members experience allergies and respiratory ailments. Forced-air systems can circulate dust and other irritants through the ductwork, while radiant heating works without fans.

Homes can have different types of radiant heating systems, but the principles and advantages are identical.

heating contractor installing a garage heater

Garage heating repair, installation, and maintenance

No one likes to walk into their freezing garage during a New Jersey winter. And for people who tinker with a hobby in their garage, especially. For these reasons and more, a garage heater is an excellent investment in comfort.

You have two options for heating your garage: a forced-air heater that circulates warm air like a furnace and a “low-intensity” infrared tube heater that emits heat.

Both can burn natural gas (the most cost-effective option) or LP gas, and both come in different sizes, so you may select the one that best heats your room.

Both require an electrical connection as well as venting to the outside.

We can install and maintain either type of garage heater.

If you’re looking for a new garage heating system or need to fix what’s already there, we will be happy to help!

split pipe showing need for frozen pipe thawing service

Frozen pipe thawing service

Frigid temperatures – especially when accompanied by wind chill – create a substantial risk for frozen or burst pipes. Ice that forms within the pipes can expand, blocking the pipeline.

Whether the pipe is composed of plastic, steel, copper, or another material, this blockage can lead to excessive pressure throughout the system and pipe failure in weak spots.

More than 250 gallons of water can be released from even the tiniest opening in a single day. Your frozen pipes, in other words, will most likely cause extensive repair costs and property damage.

How to prevent frozen pipes

When igniters and flame sensors fail, they prevent the unit from starting when needed. The best way to tell if yours has failed is to look for smoke from the chimney. If you see smoke, then you have a problem. You should also check the temperature gauge on your thermostat. You probably have a problem if the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to do if your pipes are frozen

If you experience frozen water pipes, contact our team at Tiger HVAC!

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