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The Tiger HVAC Company is family-owned and operated. We have provided residential and commercial HVAC services to residents of Clifton, NJ, and all of Morris County for over 20 years.

Our goal is to deliver great customer service and high-quality furnace services so that our customers are comfortable all year long. From repairs to replacements to maintenance, we strive to meet all your individual needs.

We can work on any gas, oil, or electric heater. We are familiar with a wide range of brands, including Bryant®, Trane®, Carrier®, and other manufacturers.

No matter what kind of heater you have, it is essential to have a reliable heating contractor who can get your system back up and running quickly and keep your home warm and cozy during the winter.

Call Tiger HVAC today if you’re looking for a reliable heating company to handle your next project. Our heating experts stand ready to provide you with the best in dependable and affordable service. It means a lot to us that our every visit is a pleasant experience for you.

We are experts in gas, oil, and electric heating systems

If you have a gas furnace, you know that they can be finicky machines. They need regular care and attention to keep them working at their peak efficiency. Oil furnaces are similar but require more frequent cleaning and lubrication than gas ones. Electric furnaces are even simpler: plug them into an outlet and turn them on! We are fully knowledgeable about all types and will ensure yours runs smoothly throughout the winter season.

clifton heating contractor repairing a furnace

Furnace repair services

Heating failures can be highly frustrating, especially during the cold winter months. However, it’s important to remember that our team of highly skilled and experienced HVAC professionals can easily perform most heating repairs in one visit.

We know how important timely service is. We ensure that every repair visit is prepared with all the tools and parts required to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Common problems

It’s always good to identify a heating issue as soon as possible. Here are the most common failures and how to recognize them.

flame icon symbolizing furnace ignitor repair

Ignitor and flame sensor failures

When igniters and flame sensors fail, they prevent the unit from starting when needed. The best way to tell if yours has failed is to look for smoke from the chimney. If you see smoke, then you have a problem. You should also check the temperature gauge on your thermostat. You probably have a problem if the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

icon symbolizing furnace motor reapair

Blower motor failure

The blower motor is responsible for moving air through your unit. When the blower motor fails, it prevents the air circulation required to keep your home warm. Blower motors typically last between 5 and 10 years. Your system will eventually stop working if you don’t replace your blower motor when needed.

icon symbolizing furnace thermostat repair

Thermostat failure

When you have no heat, the first thing you should do is check your thermostat. Most modern thermostats automatically adjust their settings based on outside conditions, so you won’t be able to tell if your thermostat is broken unless you try turning it on. You’ll likely need to call us if you still can’t get heat.

icon showing benefit of changing a clogged furnace air filter

Air filter failure

Your air filter helps remove dust particles from the air before it enters your home. Over time, however, it becomes dirty, which reduces its ability to clean the air. Eventually, your air filter stops cleaning the air entirely, causing your system to work harder than necessary.

icon depicting heating repair in clifton nj - circuit board failure

Circuit board failure

Should a circuit board stop working, the unit will shut down. It can also lead to other problems. For example, if there is a short circuit, it could start a fire. In addition, if the circuit board is damaged, it may overheat, damaging the rest of the system.
icon symbolizing furnace motor reapair

Motor failure

A motor breakdown can cause serious problems, such as overheating or carbon monoxide leaks. Failed motors can be costly to fix and often require a total replacement.

Before failure, you can often tell that a breakdown is coming soon

You can watch out for a few signs that could signal your unit is about to break down. These warning signs should prompt you to call us immediately to diagnose these problems within your heating system.

  • Energy bills increase without increased use – This usually happens because your thermostat settings haven’t been adjusted properly. As a result, it keeps running even though no one is home to turn it off.
  • Buzzing, hissing, knocking sounds – Worn parts often cause this in the blower motor or fan blades. It indicates that something needs replacing.
  • Soot buildup – This signals that combustion air flow is too low. A dirty filter or clogged ductwork can cause this problem.
  • Leaks or rust accumulation around the units – Rust buildup is another indication that combustion air flow is insufficient.

Do you need repair or replacement?

Sometimes a repair is not sufficient. Sometimes installing a new system is more cost-effective and energy-efficient. We will always be honest about a potential replacement. We value our time and yours. We don’t want to perform repairs or services on appliances that require replacement. We know how difficult it can be if you need a replacement.
contractor performing a furnace installation service

Need a new furnace?

A new high-efficiency heating system will save energy, but there are many benefits to having one too. A new installation can reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 30% and increase the life expectancy of your home. And as energy costs continue to rise each year, with gas prices rising, it makes sense to invest in a new one now.

When purchasing a new heater, you want to ensure that you choose a model that will be as energy efficient as possible. You should also select a brand that provides quality products, excellent warranties, and direct customer support. Another consideration might be whether the government-backed Energy Star program is currently offering any rebates on any particular model in your area.

We offer free estimates on all replacements from all major brands.

Reliable furnace maintenance services

The lifespan of heaters varies depending on how well maintained they are. They typically last anywhere from 12 to 18 years. This is why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. A properly maintained model will run efficiently, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

Our technicians perform annual tune-ups under our maintenance service. This helps ensure that your unit runs smoothly all year long. We inspect belts, filters, coils, blowers, igniters, valves, fans, hoses, and more to ensure everything is working correctly and safely. In addition, we check the air filter and clean out debris from the combustion chamber to improve efficiency and extend its working life.

We also provide yearly safety inspections for your home’s heating systems. These are vital because many everyday household items like candles, space heaters, fireplaces, barbecue grills, and wood stoves pose potential hazards to homeowners’ health and safety. An inspection ensures that these devices are operating correctly and helps us identify any issues that could lead to fires.

Call our team of contractors to maintain any gas, oil, or electric heater. Our technicians work quickly and thoroughly to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of efficient heating with comfort and safety all year long.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

The benefits include:

How to do I know my furnace requires servicing?

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Our goal is simple – to provide outstanding products and services while maintaining a positive attitude towards each person we encounter. This philosophy extends throughout our organization and into our interactions with customers.

Our also offer dedicated heating service for boilers, heat pumps, central heating, and more.

Need air conditioning support in addition to our heating services? We can help you with many cooling services, including for a central air conditioner, a split or mini-split system, and a package air or rooftop unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are four basic types:

  • Single stage – one setting: on or off, which doesn't use electricity.
  • Two-stage – full or partial power, which runs at 50% capacity.
  • Variable-speed – modulates fan speed and the amount of heat generated, depending on the temperature outside and your desired comfort level.
  • Modulating – automatically varies the speed and heat output of the fan and the temperature inside the room based on the outside temperature, the humidity level, and your desired comfort level within the space.

The heat exchanger coil needs cleaning yearly, while you must check the other parts at least once per season. Maintenance includes cleaning the heat exchanger coils, flue liner, fan motor, blower motor, and air filter.

Usually once every year for proper operation. If you have a gas unit, check it at least once a month. If you don't use an oil-fired heater regularly, check it monthly too.

  • 1-to-2-inch: every one to three months
  • 3-to-4-inch: every six to nine months
  •  5-to-6-inch: every nine to twelve months

If it looks dirty and you can't see the original material, replace it immediately.

An average gas system lasts 15–20 years with proper maintenance and regular parts replacement.

Most oil systems can last 20–25 years with proper maintenance and regular parts replacement.

Electric systems can run for 20–30 years with proper maintenance and regular parts replacement.