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Ductless mini-split AC service in Clifton, NJ

And all of Morris County!

No ductwork in your home?! No problem! With ductless mini-split air conditioning, you can enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without having to install ductwork.

And because there is no ductwork involved, you don’t have to worry about leaking air into neighboring rooms or getting moldy ductwork. And at least one-third of your home’s overall cooling energy is lost through ducts.

This system uses small units throughout your house to distribute cooled air to each room individually. They are much quieter than traditional central air conditioning systems, and consume less power while providing clean, comfortable air. Plus, you can easily add additional units later to increase capacity.

Mini-split systems include energy-efficient heat pumps and indoor and outdoor components.

Tiger HVAC provides complete ductless mini-split AC service in Clifton, NJ. Learn more below.

woman enjoying the cool air following ductless mini-split ac service

What are mini split air conditioners?

A mini-split air conditioning system offers an efficient way to cool your home. It uses refrigerant gas to transfer heat energy from inside your house to the outdoors, where it escapes through vents in the roof. This allows you to save money on electricity bills while keeping your home cooler during summer.

Mini-splits are great because they do not require any ducting. We don’t need to run wires throughout the house to route the conditioned air to each room. Instead, the air flows through the vents located near the ceiling.

These units use a fan coil instead of a compressor and condenser. A fan blows air across a series of coils that absorb heat from the room. As the air passes through the coils, it becomes cooler and moves out of the house.

They allow more control over temperature settings than traditional central air systems. With a mini-split system, you can set individual zones for each room in your home. This means you can keep your living area comfortably warm without turning the thermostat up in the rest of the house.

Because no ductwork is required, they are also much easier to clean. If you have pets or children, these units may even be safer than conventional central air systems.

There are two main types of mini-splits. One type is called a variable-speed fan coil unit. In this model, the fan speed adjusts automatically based on the temperature inside the room. This allows the unit to operate efficiently while keeping noise levels low.

Another option is a constant-speed fan coil unit. With this type, the fan remains fixed regardless of the room temperature. This means that the unit constantly runs, whether or not anyone is home.

two images showing the difference between a split system air conditioner and a mini split air conditioner

What is the difference between a split-system air conditioner and a mini-split air conditioner?

Essentially, size. Traditional split systems require space for a large indoor cabinet and an outdoor cabinet. If the amount of space you are able or willing to provide is limited, then a mini-split is right for you.

Of course, Tiger HVAC can install, repair, and maintain both types.

When Should You Consider Going Ductless?

Here are a few situations that would be great candidates for a ductless mini-split system:

  • Any space without existing ducting
  • An enclosed sunroom
  •  A converted garage or attic
  • New construction
  • Rooms that are hard to heat/cool

What are the benefits of a ductless cooling system?

The benefits of ductless mini splits include:

Improved indoor comfort – because there are fewer moving parts, the airflow is more consistent than found with central air conditioning.

Lower energy bills – mini-splits require much less electricity to operate

Quieter operation – fans aren’t running constantly, and airflow isn’t rushing through ductwork

Ease of installation – we don’t need to cut ducts and the units are more compact and pre-assembled

Increased safety – the lack of exposed pipes reduces the risk of cooling-related water damage

contractor making ductless mini split AC repair

Ductless mini-split AC repair service

Mini-splits are far less complex than central air conditioning systems, but anything with moving parts will need repair eventually.

What are some signs that your mini split needs repair?

icon showing leaking refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant

Not only can your unit struggle to do its job, the coil might freeze up

dust and dirt icon

Dirty components

Dust and gunk can prevent the unit from cooling

icon of an air filter

Filthy filters

Blocked airflow will reduce effective operation or shut down the system entirely

mini split control board icon

Damaged control board

These can fail and require replacement

screwdriver and wrench for ductless ac installation

Installation issues

Inexperienced HVAC techs and DIY installs can require our professional help to make everything run optimally

Will your company do more than fix what needs repair?

Yes. Beyond addressing any specific concerns you point out, our expert technician will also do the following as part of the repair service call:

  • Inspect the air filter, coils, and blower
  • Check for refrigerant leaks with an electronic detector
  • Flush the drain line to ensure proper flow
  • Inspect all wiring and contacts, as well as the control board
contractor performing a ductless AC installation

Ductless mini split AC installation service

Mini-split systems require specific professional knowledge. Because there are no ducts, you need to understand how direct-air circulation will behave in a given room, both in coverage and airflow. As part of our installation services, Tiger HVAC techs will help determine the correct solution for your needs. Among our considerations will be:
  • The dimensions of your space: The size of areas where you would like to have a unit installed can influence which system(s) you need.
  • The number of units required: The more ductless units necessary to cool or heat your room, the more consideration we must give to equipment options and potential zoning considerations.
  • The required BTU production: The higher the required BTU output, the more you will need a higher-quality model.
  • The investment you’re able to make for long-term lower energy bills: The greater the SEER rating, the higher the unit cost, but the cheaper your monthly energy expenses.
  • Your power requirements: There will be more work if your home lacks the necessary electrical capacity, outlets, or circuits to operate the device.
  • Zone heating needs: If you want to control the temperature of different rooms independently, we will provide a free estimate for the splits and thermostats required.
We commonly install mini-split air conditioners in a window or wall cavity. However, we can also install models under cabinets or on drop ceilings. Our work is always “carefully quick” and affordable and can be finished in less than a day. We clean our work area(s) thoroughly so your home will appear untouched.
dirty and clean filter depicting ductless ac maintenance services

Ductless mini-split AC maintenance service

Your specific model might designate specific service intervals for its warranty to remain valid. But in any event, you should have us maintain your system annually.

During our visit we will:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should change the air filter every two weeks and perform a general cleaning every four to six weeks.

Your unit's warranty might require specific intervals to keep it valid. But other than that, you should schedule a maintenance call with us yearly.

A ductless mini-split should last 10–30 years, depending upon the quality of construction by a particular manufacturer. Their lifespan is lowest in homes that sit along coastlines.

Mini-splits generally use significantly less electricity than central air conditioning and heating systems. The majority of them use around 600 watts each hour. They make an excellent energy-efficient option.

Installing a mini-split will likely raise your property's value because prospective buyers can benefit from lower energy costs while enjoying the convenience and comfort of a heat pump.