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Tiger HVAC Offers Complete Drain Cleaning Service in Clifton, NJ

And all of Morris County!

Nothing brings water-related operations to a halt like a clogged drain.

If you need drain cleaning service in Clifton, NJ, rest assured that our highly qualified plumbers can resolve your pipe-related issues quickly.

Beyond the initial inconvenience, if you don’t have Tiger HVAC drain cleaning experts take a look soon, you could end up with an indoor flood.

Please don’t risk exposing yourself to toxic store-bought chemicals that can expose your lungs and pipes to damage.

Whether your problem is hair accumulation in your showers, bathtubs, sinks, grease buildup in the kitchen, or any other unknown clog that slows or stops your drains from working, call us to clean up those drains and pipes safely and effectively. We are fully insured plumbers for residential and commercial properties.

As you will see below, we provide several drain cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial systems of any size:

drain cleaning contractor

Complete drain cleanouts

After cleaning on your own, it can take months for pipes to clear themselves completely.

That’s why it’s essential to get professional help from Tiger HVAC. Our plumbing experts know how to remove every last bit of debris from your plumbing system.

We remove clogs from drains and pipes using professional-grade chemicals and, as needed, high-pressure water jets.

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience handling all types of drains, including sump pumps, grease traps, kitchen sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and even sewers.

Some signs that it's time to schedule service

  • A drain empties slowly
  •  Sewage odor
  • Gurgling sounds
  • A toilet continually stops up
  • Mysterious pools of water appear
  •  Swarming flies or gnats around a drain

If you experience any of these conditions or feel it’s time to freshen up your piping system, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

contractor perform drain snaking in tub piping

Drain snaking service

Along with proven professional chemicals, we also often use a drain snake.

Drain snakes are thin, flexible augers that aid in the removal of obstructions where plungers cannot. They frequently have a helix-shaped hook with a wider space between the coils. Their construction makes them very effective at clearing drain pipes of clogs, sludge, food, hair, and other drain-stopping materials.

A professional power drain snake can cost up to $600 and reach over 75 feet. Some models are specially made augers with a protective layer to avoid scratching toilets.

Before we snake, we sometimes recommend a video inspection for older pipes. Snaking old and corroded pipes can chip off metal, making the clog worse or damaging the pipes.

The tools and knowledge required to snake safely and thoroughly are two good reasons to trust your clogs to Tiger HVAC techs.

plumbing contractor performing video inspection services

Sewer Video Inspection

Before snaking, it can be wise for us to inspect your sewer line using a special video feed — especially for older homes or commercial buildings.

A sewer camera is small, flexible, and attached to a cable much like a snake. We use it to gain insight into where a clog or breakage might be while using as little invasive technique as possible.

A video inspection helps us avoid a much more costly and time-consuming digging up of your sewer line, which will also cause some havoc to your lawn and landscaping. It can also help prevent damage to pipes in older structures that are unknowingly on the verge of rusting out.

We recommend that you have us perform a video pipeline check at least once a year. Our professionals will inspect the complete drainage system and resolve any issues.

6 tips to avoid or delay drain cleaning

  1. Place a hair filter over your shower drain. They are an inexpensive solution to a very common clogged-drain culprit.
  2. Rinse drains regularly. You can use warm water and vinegar most places, and ice cubes for your garbage disposal.
  3. Add a lint trap to your washing machine. When the wash cycle ends, washers rinse all filth and debris through the drain line, which can quickly become clogged if left untreated.
  4. Contain used cooking oil and grease. Sure, it’s easy to dump the gunk down the drain, but expect a visit from our drain-cleaning pros sooner than later. So make things easier on yourself and pour the post-cooking yucky stuff into an old milk carton for separate disposal later.
  5. Don’t dispose of everything in your garbage disposal. Place the following in your trash: bones, celery, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, and egg shells.
  6. Rinse and repeat regularly. Run hot water down your kitchen sink after dinner each day. A stream of really hot water can prevent oil and grime from forming into a mucky blockage.
faucet repair

We also offer faucet repair service

We often take faucets for granted unless there is an issue with them.

Then we realize how essential a role they play in any home or business.

Consider that, beyond perhaps having an attractive design, a faucet is our means of running fresh water in a manageable, directed stream.

Sometimes a faulty faucet hasn’t outlived its useful life; it just needs repair. We are happy to respond to your need to get a faucet fixed and return it to normal functioning.

Faucet repair services include:

contractor providing faucet installation services

Faucet installation service

Should your faucet be beyond repair – or if you want to take advantage of today’s high-tech features and modern designs – we offer complete faucet installation services. You can buy your own, or we can source one for you.

We handle pull-down, pull-out, single- or dual-handle, touch-free motion detection, kitchen pot fillers, and commercial-style faucets.

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Tiger HVAC plumbers are well-trained in all drain-cleaning tools and techniques. We have been offering comprehensive drain cleaning services as well as faucet repairs and installations for over 20 years. We service residential and commercial customers, working quickly yet carefully to get your water-related needs in order as soon as possible.

Also ask our other heatingcooling, drainage, and temperature control services!

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