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Tiger HVAC has been providing central air conditioner service in Clifton, NJ, for many years. We offer the best HVAC expertise and equipment to help you stay comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets.

Our customers can relax knowing that all of their central air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance services are provided by our NATE-certified experts. We pride ourselves on producing the utmost comfort and energy efficiency that any system can produce in any home or business.

If you suspect that your air conditioning system may be having problems, don’t hesitate to call our HVAC specialists. We will examine your situation and recommend the best options that will maximize your savings, the system’s energy efficiency, and your home’s indoor comfort. We can also help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future by providing ongoing AC maintenance.

a central air conditioner installation in clifton, nj

Tiger HVAC offers high-quality central AC installations

Your family deserves the best air conditioning installation possible. Our experts install, repair, and maintain central air systems throughout Clifton. Our professionals are specially trained to install all types of central air conditioners and keep up with the latest equipment advancements. We take the time to determine which kind and size of unit is best suited for your specific home cooling requirements.

Based on our 20+ years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t work. We provide free estimates to begin, and when finished, we will show you how to help your new system last for many years, including our maintenance options.

Types of central air conditioning systems

There are three principal varieties of central air conditioning systems.

Each type operates differently and has unique benefits.

split system air conditioner

Split-system air conditioners

A split system consists of two components: outside and inside units. Sitting outside are an electrically powered condensing unit and an evaporator coil. Inside, an air filter and an air handler. The air handler pumps conditioned air throughout the house. Because it uses heat to chill the air, we must install the interior unit near the furnace.

Offers excellent energy efficiency – Since split systems include an entirely ductless design, this increases your energy savings and decreases future utility costs. In some instances, ductless air conditioners can achieve over 30 SEER, which is more than double the efficiency of a conventional air conditioner.

Blends into any room decor – Split-system air conditioners are incredibly adaptable. You can hang them on the wall or suspend them from the ceiling. Furthermore, several offer aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and sophisticated jackets. Also, split systems are less intrusive than window units, which require you to either create a hole in the wall or dedicate a window to your air conditioner.

Operates quietly – Ductless indoor units can run as quietly as 19 decibels, much quieter than a window unit. Their ductless condenser is also significantly thinner in profile, making the system easy to install in various areas where noise may be an issue or space is limited.

Provides better security – Split systems are far safer than window units, which allow easy entry for burglars. The small hole for a conduit poses little risk to your home’s security. But a large open hole in your wall or window can attract a break-in.

Allows zoning – Split systems divide your home into zones to cool different areas. Unlike standard AC systems, which have a single thermostat for the entire space, each zone has a thermostat. Separate thermostats allow you to decide which portions of your home are cooled and which zones have limited cooling. This system uses less energy over time, saving you money.

ductless mini split air conditioner

Ductless mini-split air conditioners

This system is ideal for homes with limited space for a standard central air conditioner. Instead of extending ducting through walls and ceilings, ductless mini-splits use a fan to blast warm air out of vents that are located throughout the area.

Improves everyday comfort – A ductless air conditioner can transport cold or warm air more uniformly and efficiently than a typical unit, resulting in a more comfortable temperature throughout the home.

Installs easily – Ductless installations are virtually hassle-free, requiring no invasive ducting. We can install such systems in a few days, so installation costs are less than standard HVAC systems.

Helps allergy sufferers breathe easier – The air purifying filters in ductless systems capture germs, pollen, dust, mildew, and odor-causing gases. This gives a constant flow of clean, healthy air throughout the house.

Saves money – Ductless systems are incredibly efficient and can heat and cool houses at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating and cooling systems.

Attracts occasional incentives and rebates – Many utility companies have started to give cash incentives to entice customers to convert to more energy-efficient solutions, such as ductless AC systems.

Mounts flexibly – Ductless mini-splits are small and adaptable to any room. They can heat and cool a single room, which is perfect if you want to build an addition to your home. Several systems also contain up to four indoor air-handling units that link to a single outdoor unit. This enables the device to heat and cool multiple rooms or zones inside your home.

Improves appearances – Unlike other add-on units like window air conditioners, most ductless mini-splits are only seven inches wide and have a sleek exterior. We can hang them anywhere on any wall, suspend them from the ceiling, or affix them to a drop ceiling. If we install them in a difficult-to-reach area, fear not: most come with a remote control to make it a breeze to turn them on and off.

packaged central air conditioner

Packaged central air conditioners

This single device provides everything required to cool the entire house. Packaged units usually contain an evaporator, a condensing unit, and a compressor. Such systems don’t require filter replacements or air handler change-outs.

Saves room space – If yours is a confined living area, you won’t want to lose square footage by installing a large AC system in your basement. That’s the beauty of HVAC package units: we usually install them next to the home or on the roof. You can use that extra indoor space to build a furnished basement or enjoy additional storage space.

Installs easily – We assemble package units entirely in a controlled indoor environment. This helps ensure that they will function properly after installation. Please note that if you live along the New Jersey shoreline, saltwater might cause rust, although an annual paint job can reduce the damage.

Streamlines maintenance – All packaged air system components are housed in a single, easily accessible area. This saves our technicians from moving between interior and exterior units or crawling into cramped confines to make repairs or conduct maintenance calls.

Lowers installation costs and utility bills – As single units, they install less expensively than typical multi-unit HVAC systems. Package units also don’t have to work as hard as multi-unit systems. This increases energy efficiency and decreases monthly energy expenditures. You will see an Energy Star emblem on most of these units. This Energy Star labeling says you can reduce your monthly utility expenditures by 15% to 25%.

Offers versatility – Packaged central air units are available in various configurations but as a single unit. You can use various heating and cooling sources, such as a heat pump, a gas unit, or an electric unit.

Heats and cools large spaces – Installing an HVAC package unit in your home or business allows you to cool expansive areas for a fraction of the expense of standard units. Most units weigh between three and twenty tons and have a cooling capacity of 12,000 British Thermal Units per hour. A three-ton unit is plenty to cool most homes, but if you have a large warehouse or showroom, you’ll benefit from the increased adaptability of a single unit to efficiently cool or heat the space.

How do I know if my air conditioner needs to be replaced?

You should probably replace your system if it is ten years old or older, requires significant, costly repairs, or operates inefficiently. The good news is, according to PSE&G, that industry averages show that most new systems now last between 12 and 15 years. System efficiency has increased by up to 60% in equipment manufactured ten or more years ago.

Before you get a replacement system, you can first call us to inspect all associated items.

This inspection includes examining refrigerant piping and condensate piping and flue piping, electrical components and wiring, thermostats, flue terminations, chimney liners, filters, driers, registers, grills, drain pans, evaporator coils, and insulation.

We can also arrange a thorough examination and cleaning of your ductwork. We offer free estimates for this inspection, and you’ll know exactly what needs replacing and what can stay.

air conditioning repair service

Air conditioning repair

Blistering hot New Jersey summers in Clifton require dependable indoor cooling.
Unfortunately, because of lack of maintenance or heavy use, AC units can break down at the worst times.

Tiger HVAC professionals are certified to repair all major air conditioner brands. When scheduled, you can depend on us to arrive promptly. In the rare times when traffic, weather, or an unexpected challenge at our previous appointment delays us, we will give you plenty of notice and a revised estimated arrival time. We work quickly and cleanly and as quietly as we can.

When you need air conditioner repairs

Here are several obvious signals that it’s time to call a Tiger HVAC service technician.

  • No air blowing
  • No power to the AC
  • Worn-out fan belt
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Minor damage

Repair is usually a viable alternative if your unit has not required many repairs and the repair cost is less than 25% of the price of a new unit. We will provide you with a free estimate should we determine that you need a replacement.

What is included in AC maintenance service?

When you choose Tiger HVAC for air conditioning maintenance, you can count on our ACE-certified technicians to conduct a thorough visual examination and cleaning. Depending on what the technician discovers, your air conditioner may or may not require repairs. Should repair be the case, we will provide you with a free estimate and an idea about whether or not the repair is urgent and, if so, why. Our maintenance package includes:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Though there is some room for minor adjustments, you should have your air conditioner serviced twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. This is done to verify that it is clean, that its parts are in good condition, and that it runs as efficiently as possible.

It is best to replace your air conditioner in the spring or fall. This is partly because the best bargains on new air conditioners are available from late February to late March. But it's also because you want to be ready before the warmer weather arrives and demand is high for air conditioning systems and services.

We recommend 30 minutes at the earliest, but 60 minutes to be safe. Your air conditioner must be 100% dry before you use it.

Yes. The outdoors is full of dust, dirt, debris, insects, and who knows what else. In fact, the best way to start cleaning out your AC system is to start outside. Beyond professional system maintenance, you might also want to consider duct cleaning. Done all together, you will ensure the efficiency of your system and extend its lifetime.