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What is an air handler?

You are not alone if you are unfamiliar with air handlers. This typical heating and cooling component is not nearly as well known as air conditioners or furnaces.

Yet air handlers are essential components of a home’s heating and cooling system. They house the heating and cooling elements, blower mechanism, filter racks, and dampers. They helps move the air, reduces noise, humidifies the air, and enhances air quality.

An air handler is typically installed in a basement, attic, or sometimes a closet. It is a box-like enclosure that contains all necessary components.

The components of an air handler include:

  • Evaporator coil
  • Blower motor
  • Air filter
  • Electronics

A split system’s heating and cooling components comprise interior and exterior elements. In homes with both a furnace and an air conditioner, the furnace is located inside, while the air conditioner is located outdoors. When heat pump systems are installed, the air handler is located indoors, and the heat pump is located outdoors.

To cool your home, air from the return duct goes into the air handler. The refrigerant within the evaporator coil in the air handler absorbs heat and eliminates humidity as the air travels over it. Refrigerant circulates outside to the heat pump, which releases heat into the atmosphere.

The outside heat pump absorbs outdoor air via the handler’s refrigerant to heat your home. The refrigerant flows to the evaporator coil, which causes the airflow to gain heat. The blower then pushes the warmed air out to rooms throughout the home.

The more efficient your air handler, the less your heat pump or air conditioner has to work, extending the lifespan of all involved.

air handler installation unit

Air handler installation service

We should replace indoor and outdoor units at once for maximum energy efficiency.

Incorrectly matched systems increase energy bills, while matching systems optimize energy efficiency.

Also, many air handler manufacturers require components to match as a part of the warranty terms.

Tiger HVAC professionals can review the matching and installation requirements with you when you get your free estimate.

What are common problems that cause air handlers to break down?

The most common culprits for air handler breakdowns are

dirty air filter icon

Filthy air filters

These must be changed routinely to protect the interiors of your heating and cooling systems.

icon of burnt out air handler motor

Burnt-out motor

A motor runs the fan, and without regularly scheduled maintenance, dust and grime can strain the motor and will likely force a replacement.

icon of fan belt snapping

Damaged fan belt

An exposed belt is often the first part to become damaged, and if it’s cracked or loose, it can cause other components to fail.

icon of a water droplet

Leaking condenser pan

Leaks can easily lead to disaster without timely repair.

Air handler repair service

By having a Tiger HVAC expert repair your handler as soon as needed, you will achieve the following:

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Improved efficiency

The system will no longer need to work harder to do its job.

icon depicting lower energy costs

Lower energy costs

Operational efficiency results in less energy use and thus lower bills.

icon of woman enjoying better indoor air

Better indoor air quality

Avoids the onset of nausea, congested sinuses, tiredness, dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath that poor air can cause.

icon of increased air comfort showing smiling man in bathrobe

Increased comfort

Ideally, your heating and cooling systems should perform evenly, which avoids the discomfort of temperature swings.

Air handler maintenance service

As with other HVAC equipment, air handlers should have regular preventive maintenance.
We recommend service twice a year in conjunction with the heat pump.

A Tiger HVAC air handler maintenance technician will perform the following:

If you suspect your air handler requires servicing, contact Tiger HVAC immediately. You don’t want your system to fail when you need it the most.

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